About us

Architecture Services:

Datawarehouse Architecture                                                                                  

Professional Staffing & Consulting Services:

        We provide IT professionals in many areas, our expertise include:

Data Warehousing                                                                                        Application programming                                                                            Client/ Server development                                                                                    Object Oriented Development                                                                                 Data base Management                                                                                           System/Network Administrators                                                                Mainframe                                                                                                           ERP

Send your  requirements to reks@akurasoft.com

IT projects Outsourcing:

We offer  turn key IT outsourcing solutions by minimizing your budget and increasing   quality of the  deliverables within time. 

Contact us at sales@akurasoft.com

Web Development: 

We develop websites for small to mid sized companies. With our top quality teams, your Corporate or personal website can be online within matter of time including web site registration, design, development and  registering over 100 search engines. 

Contact us at  webdevelopment@akurasoft.com

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